The C*ck Down the Block 

(The Cocky Kingmans Book 1)

Always the nerdy girl, never the girlfriend~

Until her cocky best friend and his *ahem* rooster take charge.

Look, I've had it bad for the girl with all the curves next door forever. She turned me down in high school and since I'm not a total douchecanoe, I lusted after her all by myself in my shower, and we stayed just friends for years.

Now she's the adorkable librarian next door and I'm the star quarterback of the best pro football team in the league.
So when she asks me to be her fake date to her all-girls school reunion I am totally down to show her off to the mean girls who bullied her back then so they can see just how incredible she is.
I'll be the best boyfriend they've ever seen. The best fake boyfriend that is.

Until I find out from her slightly-stalkery classmates that she still has her v-card. I don't see how that is even possible. Not with how sexy and sweet she is. Could it be because she knows she belongs with me?

This curvy girl and football quarterback sports romance has a baddie plus-size woman who knows her own worth and a Bridgertons-meets-American-Football family you'll wish you were a part of.

The Wiener Across the Way 

(The Cocky Kingmans Book 2)

What happens when the sunshiny pop princess and the grumpy football player discover there's more to this fake romance than inspiration for a new love song?

Kelsey Best is America's pop sweetheart and anyone who says they don't like her music is a liar and needs to be punched in the nads. And I'll do it too, because I'm the guy the NFL dubbed the meanest player in the league. Great for my career on the field, not so much for my reputation off it.

So I'm shocked as hell when Kelsey's team sends my agent a wild idea – they want a showmance between us. She's looking to dodge the media frenzy after her breakup with Hollywood's latest heartthrob, and I apparently fit the bill as her perfect distraction. My agent is convinced this fake dating stunt is the key to fixing my image. The whole world is going to hate me when we fake break up. And what happens when I fall for her? She's going to create a blank space in my heart, and I don't think I'm going to be able to shake it off.

This plus-size curvy girl romance has a burnt cinnamon roll hero with a mean protective streak and a baddie plus-size pop star who is on the verge of burn out. But a Bridgertons-meets-American-Football family you'll wish you were a part of will make sure they get their happy ever after.

TPND (title to be revealed) 

(The Cocky Kingmans Book 3)

He's the hottest rookie running back the league has ever seen.

He knows how to score a touchdown.

But he's never scored... with a woman.

She knows nothing about football, but she does like his tight end.

So do her cats.

Her older brother (by two whole minutes) does not.

The next book in the Cocky Kingmans series will have you swooning and wishing you were a part of the Kingman family all over again.

T. A. D. (title to be revealed) 

(The Cocky Kingmans Book 4)

I can get any woman I want... and I do.

So why is the one woman who is completely off limits knocking on my door?

Someone (my meddling brothers) told her I'm the love guru.

And she wants lessons in falling in love. Just not with me.

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